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 November  2002     Volume 2  Issue  11.4     To inform, instruct, inspire, and initiate open communication between parents, business, and education.

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The best in leadership and learning from the most exquisite of editors...

   The CEO Refresher



Robert Sylwester, Ed.D. 

Steven W. Simpson, Ph.D.

Ed. Net Briefs


Scott Airitam

Leadership Systems 





Ethics 4 Everyone by Eric Harvey and Scott Airitam

Joseph A. Kinney, M.P.A

Safe Spaces, Inc.


Reed Martin, J.D.

Special Education Law


David Boulton



Tom Peters!


Business Cafe Online


Empower America


Ivy Sea, Inc.


The CEO Refresher


Roberta Croll

Outreach Specialist

Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange

Fulbright Exchanges




North Carolina

Principal Fellow's Program

Tom Terez

Meaningful Workplace

Awesome Library

George Lucas 

Educational Foundation

NC's Virtual High School:

CCS Web Academy

Do Something
Ed Trust

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Adopt a Shar-Pei from 

DC Shar-Pei



Robert Hague

"There is a romance to steel, all that flame and shiny metal.

 If only the reality met it.

Truth is it's dirty, noisy and leaves one bone tired."


Eve 1 - Robert Hague


Adam - Robert Hague


Tempest - Robert Hague


The Gallery of 

Barbara Holt


The Gallery of 

Jamie Walters


What would you like to harvest from your life-garden?


Truly visionary leadership (does it exist?)

  How can a fresh perspective help your group succeed?
  The Eight Rules of Management
Six practices for cultivating a key skill (receptivity)

Serious Leadership...Serious Instructional Leadership and Serious Learning!


Rediscovering your vision: Do you "believe in stuff"?    from Ivy Sea Online!


The Ivy Sea Online Content Archive and PDF Library

What makes an effective, inspiring leader? Most sources cite several characteristics: integrity, vision, interpersonal excellence, courage, compassion and motivation among them. There is no greater time for Leadership in Education. Ivy Sea Online Content Archive and PDF Library may be exactly what you need if you want to:

Change-Management and Communication Essentials
Ethics & Integrity in Your Organization
Interpersonal Skills for Everyone's Toolbox
Inspired-Leadership Essentials
"Master Your Mindset" Fundamentals
Planning Tips Series
Essentials for Small-Group Leaders
Inspired-Visioning Tips Series

How may Ivy Sea help you, your school, and school district improve its vision and leadership skills?

Ivy Sea Online  Leadership&Communication Center


 Make Your Kids Smarter: 50 Top Tips for Grades K to 8!   

 by Erika V. Shearin Karres


When our children struggle with school, we are often unsure of what we
can do. Now help has arrived--with the tips and advice to help you--"Make
Your Kids Smarter: 50 Top Tips for Grades K to 8!" (Andrews McMeel
Publishing, $9.95, 2002). This book contains drills, skills, and terrific
quick tips to enhance children's learning.
Devoted parents and teachers will use this handy how-to guide to give
their kids the advantage that will make all the difference. This is a very
powerful must-have manual for everyone who believes their kids deserve the very best.

 Other great books by Dr. Karres

 Violence Proof Your Kids Now:

 How to Recognize the 8 Warning Signs and What to Do about Them

 German Tale: A Girl Surviving Hitler's Legacy


Law Update:  Considering Suspension up to Ten School Days   Reed Martin, J.D.
Future@Work   For students about to enter the workplace - this is one book you don't want them to miss!

The Quality of Life for Women Principals: A Study 

by Julie Lynne Vandiver, Ed.D.  This excellent study examines how the work requirements of the principalship affect the quality of life for women principals. And yes, it's a tough job.


Chapter 1 Introduction   “The victory is not just hanging on to what you already have against all onslaughts, but that you do something different, and better." 


Chapter 2 Literature Review   "Your quest as a leader is a journey to find the treasure of your true self, and then to return home to give your gift to help transform the kingdom…The quest itself is replete with dangers and pitfalls, but it offers great rewards..."   


Chapter 3 Presentation and Analysis of Finding Take one day at a time. Don’t give up. Find strong mentors. Network with others. Don’t take yourself too serious and save time for yourself. Be aware of your strengths and areas for development. Learn as much as possible. Keep a balance in your life and keep a sense of humor. 


Case Stories of Principals 







The Best Advice   The following is a list of the best advice some of the principals gave to other women aspiring to positions of educational administration.


more to come!



Creating An Inner Desire   (Excerpt from the book YOUR PERFORMING EDGE)         by JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D.  

We often read about athletes overcoming physical disabilities. Lance Armstrong survived testicular cancer and won the Tour de France three times. Marla Runyan ran in the 1500 meters of the 2000 Olympics while being legally blind. It is out of these challenges that athletes develop a fierce, burning desire to succeed. 


Fulbright Administrator Exchange -  Argentina


Special Uruguay Initiative for Administrators


Flavorful Dialogue, Passionate Meetings  Meetings come and go, but the best linger long after the conference room has emptied, the lights are turned off, and the door is shut.

    The CEO Refresher          

   Everything I Ever Learned About Teaming 



Create a vision, be respectful, be open to learning, be forgiving, care about your team, care about your team mates...


Unconscious Emotions, Conscious Feelings, and Curricular Challenges                    by Robert Sylwester, Ed.D.

Although it may irritate the teacher, one of the most intelligent questions a student can ask is "Why do we have to do this?" 


Is our national soul any better a year later?  William J. Bennett
I fear that if we don't take on the difficult task of distilling the moral significance of the overwhelming experiences of the past year, we will lose the moral clarity and focus that was forced on us a year ago. Most critically, we must help our children gain a deeper understanding of good and evil as a result of this national ordeal.


A Wooden Lid
Leading in Chaos - Changing the Face of Tomorrow's Leadership
Language for Success: Creative Affirmations
Tough Times Demand Resilient Leaders
Creating Peer-Based Organizations
Eleven Easy Rules to Quality Leadership: Machiavelli's Undiscovered Manuscript
Bringing Ideas to Life: Seven Principles for Pulling Together
Top 14 Mistakes Senior Managers Make
Ethical Decision-making Quick Test

Testing, Standards, and Accountability   In education, the times are turbulent and an adjustment of priorities is the priority. Our Pilot Performance series explores a metaphor for business leadership based on techniques in aviation and the performance of pilots. It also explores a metaphor for leadership, accountability, and instructional expertise in education. 


Pilot Performance:

In The Crunch!   Clearer skies will emerge as every child has the reading, math, and technology skills necessary to successfully navigate their future.


The Flight Environment   'Up draft' - the attitude required to move to higher altitudes - is best described as the energy engaged in creating a climate and environment of involvement and support for higher standards, performance, and expectations.


Unlearning   A greater dependency on reliable and relevant data and information is of utmost importance, especially during these times of uncertainty and change in education. Unlearning is the key. Perception is not reality.


Overlearning   In this article we examine ‘overlearning’ and how educators can achieve a level of ‘mastery’ where ‘the successful outcome of any maneuver is never in doubt.' 


Situational Awareness   As flying tests the capability of humans to accurately perceive reality and therefore respond effectively, the teaching processes should no less accurately interpret the learning progress of students and equally seek to provide an effective instructional response.



Chief Learning Officer   The principal as Chief Learning Officer and 'leader of leaders' is the wave of educational leadership for high-performing schools. It requires new thinking, new beliefs, and new practices, and places a diminishing value on hierarchical and bureaucratic practices as currently exists in many schools today.


Formative Leadership Tip of the Month:

Become an instructional leader!  The principal as Chief Learning Officer must stay abreast of current instructional thought and practices. High-performing principals understand current teaching models, strategies, and best practices, as they relate to student learning and achievement. To the CLO, instruction is priority #1!



Check out Tom's latest PowerPoint presentation on Leadership! We no longer know what normal means. Leadership is performance over the long haul, a dealer in hope, passionate about cause, playful, very playful, and in love with mistakes. Yes, the future is a mess, but leaders love it.


Wow! Children as learnavores and informavores?!! Tom spent the summer of 2001 delving into our country's education woes, and the result was Education and the 3rd Millennium! Edu3M is raw, challenging, suggestive, confrontational, and jammin' with enthusiasm!


Education and Third Millennium Work: We've Got It Dangerously Wrong: PDF Booklet  Education for the Third Millennium undoes everything we've done in education for the last 100 or so years.


In Search of Excellence: A Three-Generation Report Card: PDF Booklet

In Search of Excellence marks its 20th anniversary in 2002.


TomObservation 03.20.02:
He/She Who Has the Best Grades ... Loses    Hmmmmmm.


Tom's Cool Friend:
Eliot Levine, author of One Kid at a Time: Big Lessons from a Small School

Monthly Column by Robert Sylwester, Ed.D. 

Connecting Brain Processes to School Policies and Practices


Revisiting Edu-Leadership Favorites

Making Time for Teacher Professional Development  Effective professional development is...  

Assessment for Understanding   Despite their many differences, these three schools share a common commitment to developing a project-rich curriculum that's supported and influenced by a thoughtful system of assessment. Teachers, students, and parents all understand that the most effective assessment doesn't happen at the end of a unit. It's woven throughout lessons and projects, often so seamlessly as to be indistinguishable from everyday teaching and learning.


Success in the Regular Education Experience is Everyone's Goal   Congress made very clear in the 1997 IDEA Amendments that we must involve the regular ed teacher at the IEP meeting, and that we must focus in that meeting on how this one student will meet the regular ed goals expected of every student, and how they will have access to regular education curriculum, access to regular extracurricular programs, and access to regular non-academic activities.


It's all here!  More Leadership and Management Articles, Literacy, Learning, Curriculum and Instruction, School Safety, Education Law, The Gentle Art of Parenting, Interpersonal Growth and Best Practices are all still available. Visit Edu-Leadership's  The Second Page 


The Innovator


What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.  --Theodore Roethke


The Change Agent


Magic has often been thought of us the art of making dreams come true; the art of realizing visions. Yet before we can bring birth to the vision we have to see it.   --Starhawk




   The price of greatness is responsibility. --W. Churchill


The CEO Refresher's Best in Class for 2001 for Leadership in Education goes to . . . Edu-Leadership! Thank you, Rick!


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