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Emeritus Professor of Education

University of Oregon


College of Education - University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon 97403-5267

Home:  2027 Coventry Way – Eugene, Oregon 97405-5509

Office/Home Phone:  (541) 345-1452.  FAX (541) 346-5174




Robert Sylwester is an Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Oregon who focuses on the educational implications of new developments in science and technology.  He has written several books and 150+ journal articles.  His most recent books are Student Brains, School Issues (1998, Simon and Schuster/Skylight), and A Biological Brain in A Cultural Classroom  (2000, Corwin Press).  The Education Press Association of America gave him Distinguished Achievement Awards for his 1993 and 1994 syntheses of cognitive science research, published in Educational Leadership.  He has made 1300+ conference and inservice presentations on educationally significant developments in brain/stress theory and research.  He writes a monthly column for the acclaimed Internet magazine, Brain Connection (



The educational implications and applications of new developments in science and technology (with a special focus on theoretical and research developments in cognition and stress, and in computer and mass communication technology):

Organizational, curricular, and instructional applications that should emerge out of such developments,

The development of accurate, simple, and clear explanations of scientific and technological phenomena for educators who have a limited background in science and technology.


150+ articles in professional and mass circulation magazines.

20 solo and collaborative professional and children’s books, curricular programs, kits, manuals, and


600+ book reviews. Book review editor for professional books, THE INSTRUCTOR (1974-92)


Professional Books, Instructional Kits, and Videotapes Currently in Print: 

A BIOLOGICAL BRAIN IN A CULTURAL CLASSROOM: Applying Biological Research to Classroom Management (2000, Corwin Press.  805-499-9774.

STUDENT BRAINS, SCHOOL ISSUES: A Collection of Articles (1998, Simon and Schuster.  1-800-348-4474)

A CELEBRATION OF NEURONS: An Educator’s Guide to the Human Brain (1995, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.  1-800-933-ASCD)

DISCOVER YOUR BRAIN: (1) Emotion/Attention, and (2) Memory. Multi-media kits for upper elementary and middle school students, with Nancy Margulies (1998, Zephyr Press.  1-800-232-2187)

BRAIN RESEARCH: Theory and Classroom Applications.  A five part video inservice program for educators.(1997-98. National School Conference Institute.  1-888-399-8745)

WINDOWS TO THE MIND: (1) Social Interaction and Brain Development, and (2) Electronic Media and Our Brain.  Two videotapes for educators/parents.  (1997, Zephyr Press.  1-800-232-2187)

Selected Recent Journal Articles:

A monthly column in the Scientific Learning Corporation’s Internet magazine, Brain Connection (

“Genetics: The New Staff Development Challenge”  EDUATIONAL LEADERSHIP (October, 2001)

“Unconscious Emotions, Conscious Feelings” and “Recent Books by Brain Scientists” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (November, 2000)

“On Teaching Brains to Think” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (April 2000.  With Ron Brandt)

“In Search of the Roots of Adolescent Aggression” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (September 1999)

“Reducing Students’ Refusal and Resistance”  TEACHING EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN (CEC. With Hill Walker, July, 1998)

3 articles in theme issues focused on recent educationally significant developments in the brain sciences:

            “Art for the Brain’s Sake” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP” (November, 1998)

            “The Brain Revolution” THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR.  (January, 1998)

            “Bioelectronic Learning: The Effects of Electronic Media on a Developing Brain”

            TECHNOS: Quarterly for Technology and Education (Summer, 1997)

R. Brandt, “On Using Knowledge about Our Brain: A Conversation with Bob Sylwester” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (March, 1997)

“The Neurobiology of Self-Esteem and Aggression” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (February 1997)

“How Emotions Affect Learning” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (October, 1994)  The Education Press Association of America: 1994 Distinguished Achievement Award.

“What the Biology of The Brain Tells Us About Learning” EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (December, 1993).  The Education Press Association of America: 1993 Distinguished Achievement Award.


Education Press Association of America Awards also presented for: 

“The School as a Major Stress-Reduction Agency” THEORY INTO PRACTICE (Winter, 1982.  Lead article in a theme issue on Stress in Education.  Best 1983 Educational Journal Theme Issue)

“A Child’s Brain” THE INSTRUCTOR MAGAZINE (Sept/Oct/Nov. 1982. Best Series of Articles in  a 1982 Educational Journal)




Over 1300 presentations in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries

150+ keynote or general session presentations at national and regional conferences

350+ conference sectional presentations

650+ regional/district/school inservice events (many events involved multiple presentations)

  43   university and college faculty/student presentations

  33   university extension courses (not including those at the University of Oregon)

Total attendance at the 50+ conferences and inservice presentations that I do annually averages 10,000+.


Selected Recent Conference Keynote/General Session Presentations:




Central East Asia Council of Overseas Schools Conference (Taipei, Taiwan):

International Conferences on Thinking (Singapore, Edmonton)

State/Regional Talented and Gifted Conferences: Michigan, Manitoba, Illinois, California 3X

Alaska School Principals’ Conference (Anchorage)

Alaska Literacy Conference (Juneau)

Saskatchewan Educational Psychology Association Conference (Saskatoon)

British Columbia Primary Teachers’ Conference (Vancouver)

Brain Research and Emotional Development Conference (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Utah Arts Conference (Provo)

Third Weiss Conference on Thinking (Jerusalem, Israel)

Southeast Asia Teachers and Counselors Conference (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Northern Ireland Conference on Curriculum and Assessment (Belfast)

International Conference on Accelerative Learning and Teaching (San Antonio)

National Summit Conference of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (Washington DC)

Conference on Early Childhood Education (North Texas University, Denton)

Texas Association for Health, PE, Recreation, Dance Annual Conference (Fort Worth)

Michigan Reading Recovery Conference (Dearborn)

ASCD National Conference on Teaching and Learning: Assessment (Orlando FL)

National School Conference Institutes: Phoenix AZ (3X), Irvine CA



Canadian National Principals Convention (Vancouver BC)

University of Alberta Conference on Brain Research (Edmonton)

Kumon Educational Institute International Convention (Vancouver)

California Mathematics Council Convention (Asilomar 2X)

British Columbia Special Education Conference (Vancouver 3X)

Missouri Federation for Exceptional Children (2X)

Saudi Arabia Gifted Child Conference (Jeddah)

National Science Teachers Association Western Regional Convention (Anchorage)

California Council for the Education of Teachers (San Jose)

Association for Supervision/Curriculum Development National Convention “Distinguished Lecture


Selected Recent Conference Sectional Presentations

ASCD National Conventions: SF (3X) New Orleans (2X) Washington DC, Chicago, Boston

Baltimore, San Antonio (2X)

ASCD State Conferences: Washington (3X) Oregon (2X) Hawaii, Arkansas, Texas, Virginia, Iowa, Illinois,

Wisconsin, Idaho, New Jersey, Utah, Oklahoma, Alberta, Germany. Midwest Affiliates Conference 

ASCD Affiliates workshops - Texas (7X) British Columbia (4X), England (2X) Germany

(2X), Maine (2X), New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina,

 Mississippi, Iowa, Hawaii, South Dakota, Connecticut, New Mexico, Tennessee, Georgia.

American Association of School Administrators’ National Academy for School Executives

Seminars at San Francisco (3X) Chicago, Santa Barbara CA, Seattle, Vancouver BC

National Staff Development Council National Conventions: Dallas, Orlando, Chicago.

Skylight national conferences: Orlando FL, San Francisco

Scientific Learning conferences: San Francisco (3X), Atlanta, San Antonio, Dallas

Brain Expo: San Diego (3X), San Antonio

Washington State Staff Development Conference (7X)

Notre Dame University Secondary School Conference

Western Canada Educational Administrators Conference (Edmonton)

Regional Talented and Gifted conferences: Southern California (3X), Washington, Illinois, Alberta, Iowa

Council for Exceptional Children Conferences: Toronto, Prince Albert Sask., Kansas City, Long Beach CA


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