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Testing, Standards, and Accountability

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (H.R. 1) shifts our attention to accountability, student achievement, and high performance at the state, district, building, and classroom level. Our Pilot Performance series explores a metaphor for leadership, accountability, and instructional expertise in education. As flying challenges the soul, so too should education. 


Chief Learning Officer

The principal as Chief Learning Officer and 'leader of leaders' is the wave of educational leadership for high-performing schools. It requires new thinking, new beliefs, and new practices, and places a diminishing value on hierarchical and bureaucratic practices as currently exists in many schools today. Under the guiding principles of Formative Leadership, developed by Dr. Ruth Ash and Dr. Maurice Persall, Edu-Leadership presents Formative Leadership Tip of the Month!  Dare to become the best!   


Leadership and Management

Thoughtful leadership penetrates the mind, heart, and soul of its followers, while great management is determined by the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational processes. Whether you are leading or managing in the boardroom or classroom, choose your leadership style with care, and manage with intelligence. Excellence in leadership runs deep.


Mastering Accountability

Our world is changing rapidly. As educators it is all we can do to keep up with the changes ourselves, much less look down the road at the future of our students. That's why accountability is important. It ensures an educational direction for our students. It also ensures a minimal level of knowledge and skill is acquired by all children--not just a select few. It promises that when our students leave our classrooms, they have a fighting chance at a good future. The challenge of delivering good instruction to our students is our task as educators. Judging its effectiveness is our obligation.



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