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Scott Airitam resides with his wife and two children in Dallas, TX.  Scott’s degree is in Sociology and Management from Dallas Baptist University.  His career began as a radio personality in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area before going to work for Southwest Airlines.  He worked for Southwest Airlines for nine years and was one of the original, founding members of Southwest Airlines’ University for People.  There he developed course curriculum, delivered classes, was the technology guru for the University, and ultimately provided internal consulting services for department heads on issues such as productivity, morale, efficiency, corporate acquisitions, and displacement of employees.  Scott worked for AMX Corporation as their global Director of Business Capabilities and Training.  In this role he was responsible for ensuring the development of the company by growing the leadership abilities of its people as well as providing technical training for distributors, dealers, and end-users all around the world.  Scott now is a principal of OSAR Consulting where he serves as VP of Sales and Marketing.  OSAR provides both technological and skill-based solutions for organizations wishing to improve their efficiency.  Scott is an active member of Engaged Encounter of Fort Worth and ASTD’s Dallas Chapter.  He has served on the executive board of both organizations.



Dealing with Conflict

Skillful Learning

Dealing with Tough Times

Feedback: A Primary Function of Excellent Leadership

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