Case Stories of Principals

Each step of the data collection process was designed to gather information about how the work requirements of the principalship affect the quality of life for women principals.  As a result, the case stories of the five principals complemented survey data.  Common patterns and themes were identified through analysis of the data collected from the surveys and case stories.

The issues faced by women in school leadership manifest themselves in the stories of five women principals as they strove to balance their personal and professional lives. These women persevered through all kinds of adversity to achieve their goals because they believe they can and indeed do make things better for children. They have not been easily discouraged and met persistent and often overwhelming obstacles with determination and optimism.  Their common bond is a passion for doing what is best for children.  As a result, their choices and actions reflect what is most deeply important to each of them.







Julie Lynne Vandiver, Ed.D., is an Educational Administrator in Greensboro, NC. She's a North Carolina Principal Fellow (Class of 2000) and a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her professional interests include best practices for educational leadership and the effects of testing and accountability on teaching and learning.  


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