Steven W. Simpson, Ph.D., Editor, Ed.Net Briefs (

Steve has been writing and publishing the weekly online education newsletter, Ed.Net Briefs ( for six years. Ed.Net Briefs is one of the oldest online education publications and has more than 50,000 readers. In addition to writing and editing Ed.Net Briefs, Steve frequently publishes articles in a variety of media, most often the opinion pages of The Seattle Times. Steve received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington. His master's thesis was on high school press law, work he completed to enhance his work as a high school language arts and journalism teacher. His doctoral dissertation was a comparative study of constitutional protection for freedom of expression in Canada and the United States.

Steve worked for nine years as a public high school teacher until the lure of professional journalism pulled him out of the classroom. He did try to make up for his failure to continue teaching by serving as an elected member of the Snoqualmie Valley School District Board of Directors. He also taught business communications and writing classes for the University of Phoenix.

When Steve started the Ed.Net Briefs Web site and online newsletter, it sparked a powerful and growing interest in the information revolution. Steve worked as managing editor of a large health information portal site and as communications manager for another company creating business optimization and collaboration Web sites. Having been reincarnated as a "Web editor," Steve is splitting his time between writing and editing Web content for Ed.Net Briefs and other education sites, writing his first novel and working on a variety of technical editing projects for several companies.

Steve has lived in the Northwest for 25 years. He is a climber, canoe and kayak paddler and possibly the worst steelhead fisherman in Washington State. Steve and his wife, Hillary, have four children (three in college) and a steady stream of friends, children and animals passing through their North Bend, Washington, home.

Steven W. Simpson, Ph.D. President, Simpson Communications P.O. Box 317 North Bend, WA 98045 [email protected]



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