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David Boulton is a learning theorist, educational philosopher and visionary technologist whose primary focus in on the role of ambiguity in learning:

"The flow of ambiguity in children is their 'learning wave' - their optimal path for learning.  Helping them learn this is different than helping them with 'subjects' because in order for children to learn about this, the actual, as-it's-happening, flow of themselves is the subject.  What is so beautiful to me is that the optimal way for a human being to learn anything is from the 'inside-out'  - from the process of learning from the flow of ambiguity actually occurring within them - this is the first step toward what I mean by learning to learn - I think of it as a miraculous intersection. My learning-to-learn work is about helping children learn to develop conscious ambiguity processing skills that align with the deeper evolutionary learning (non-verbal disambiguation) systems they were born with. My learning to read work is about reducing the unnecessary flow of ambiguity within them. How children learn to participate in the flow of ambiguity within them is what ties everything I am interested in together."

David's articles on learning and technology have been published internationally. As an educator and philosopher, he has given keynote addresses to a wide variety of audiences throughout the US and Canada. His work has been featured at both the National and California Educational Summits. As a technologist, Mr. Boulton has been awarded four patents. One patent, "A Method and Apparatus for Implementing User Feedback", has broad implications for how the ‘webs’ of the future will perform and evolve. “Virtuality”, the virtual university and electronic campus he designed for Apple Computer, won the Optimas Award. Mr. Boulton has founded five companies, one, which became the 2way Corporation, recently won the Smithsonian Award for Innovation and appeared on Upside Magazine’s Top 100 private companies list.

David's articles have been published in a variety of national & international journals and magazines including: New Horizons for Learning, The California School Boards Journal, Quantum Leap: The Journal of the US-China Educational Institute, Young Scholar, Management & Conjoncture Sociale, The American Music Teacher, The Brain Mind Bulletin, Centecemes and In Context – A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture.  His work has been featured in books including: SCHOOL’S OUT – Hyperlearning, The New Technology and the end of Education; POISONED APPLE – the Bell-Curve Crisis and How Our Schools Create Mediocrity and Failure; WORKING WISDOM – Timeless Skills and Vanguard Strategies for Learning Organizations and THE INTERACTIVE CORPORATION – Using Interactive Media and Intranets to Enhance Business Performance. He developed a satellite-distributed seminar, Designing Multimedia, for the National Technological University’s series entitled Multimedia: The Emerging Giant - New Tools for New Times which was distributed around the U.S.  He has been the keynote or a featured speaker at: The California Education Summit, The World Futurists Society, The National Mobile Workforce Management Symposium, The State Department of Education in Hawaii, The Ministry of Education in Ontario, The 21st Century Learning Initiative, The Dalien Medical University in China and The International Baccalaureate Schools. He is a member of the advisory team to the Chair of California's Senate Education Committee. He has given seminars, workshops and spoken frequently to political leaders, business executives, education professionals, organizations and individuals interested in new insights, practices and technologies for extending their capacities for learning.

See www.implicity.org for more on David's work on Learning to Learn.

See http://www.implicity.org/reading/ for more on David's work on learning to read.



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