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The Face of Change: The New School Administrator

Change. It's nearly a buzzword. Getting people in an organization to accept and embrace change is a hot item, but what about change at the top? What's hot and what's not for the school administrator:

What's Hot What's Not
Participative leadership Authoritative leadership
Instructional leadership Lack of involvement in instruction
Supporting teachers "Gotcha" attitude
Open communication Closed door approach
Horizontal management Vertical management

Like most things, moderation is the key to leading a good organization. And there are times when you have to set the standard and lead the way. It's common sense. But the overbearing, authoritative, all-controlling, ego-involved, I'm-gonna-tell-you-how-to-do-it administrator is on the way out. It's an ineffective, annoying, and unproductive approach that usually produces low-achieving teachers and students.

Build strength within your organization through solid strategies that are inclusive of teachers and other staff members, supportive, interactive and communicative, and have a focus on instructional leadership at the heart of the mission.

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