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Mary Ellen Wilson, eMediaPartners, Inc. (www.worldtodiscover.com)

Mary Ellen Wilson is President of eMediaPartners, Inc., a streaming media, content management, and ecommerce solution company. She produces and hosts "World to Discover", a family radio show and web site, and "Family Issues and Interviews", interviews with professionals of interest to parents and teachers. She has a BS in secondary education with an emphasis in communicative arts. She has taught children from preschool to high school and is a mother of two grown children. You can reach both radio shows at http://www.worldtodiscover.com. She is a former school teacher and mother of two.

World To Discover

www.worldtodiscover.com is a family radio program on the internet that offers "quality music adults will enjoy with subject matter appropriate for children". Each week we cover a different topic, like "Let's All Get Along". We play songs dealing with the subject. This show had a song called "Speak Out" that deals with standing up for others. This is just what we were talking about in the first paragraph. Sharing your feelings with your child will help you bond and help your child to internalize the proper behavior and make it part of his or her character.

Here's what one mother had to say about worldtodiscover.com: "Thanks for giving the world the wonderful website Worldtodiscover.com! My seven-year-old daughter and I loved seeing the Chinese writing from the Three Character Classic page and the poem and then listening! My daughter has been studying Chinese culture and writing in her second grade class, and she was thrilled to be able to print this page from your site and take it to her teacher!"   - Best thoughts, Susan PS.

Radio Show Live!

The www.worldtodiscover.com  family radio show is available 24 hours a day on www.worldtodiscover.com/kids/radio.html the radio page. Exploring together is another way to bond with your child. If your child is interested in insects, read books about them, explore your outdoors to find and identify them or listen to songs about them. You as a parent have a unique opportunity to look at the world through the fresh eyes of your child, to hear things again as if for the first time. And www.worldtodiscover.com offers a chance to share in exploration on the internet.

Mary Ellen Wilson, mew@emediapartners
phone: 619 231 6679 fax: 619 231 6173



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