How Youth Alcoholism Affects The Classroom

Teenage Alcoholism – Dare to Know the Truth!
Across the world, alcoholism is a challenging issue attacking even the teenagers due to their weak will power. The main reason behind teen alcoholism is lack of parents’ attention & there is less of willpower which makes them fall into such problems. At this stage of life, teenagers don’t like to be with their parents. They instead prefer to be alone or stay in the company of their friends. This way, teenage alcoholism spreads at the school, institute and university level.

Teenage alcoholism is caused by taking alcohol like Wine, consuming drugs or by taking chemical components, which leads the teenager into serious problems like death.

Facts say that teenager alcoholism is threatening more than 3 million teenagers where most teens become addicts starting from 15 years. So the brain getting damaged is obvious and no one can predict such a teenager’s future. Also, due to teen alcoholism, a drinker’s nervous system in the body gets disturbed and this may even leads to accidents.

To get rid of alcoholism is too hard for teenagers because they face a lot of problems and difficulties, which leads them to think about committing suicide, thinking that no one will protect them and thus alcoholism is spread all over the world and increased to a high level. If teenagers are addicted to white poison drug, then they will do anything to get the drug like they may even steal or kill. No one can imagine to what extent they can go. They will behave crazy and lose interest in their studies. Moreover, due to this addiction, they lose on their dreams they might have planned for self and their families.

Schools around the world have a test to detect cases of teenage alcoholism, its percentage and they find a way to cure it. Also they detect the degree of danger & also detect the percentage of internal damage caused to the body. This may be the best way to protect the teenagers at schools, institute and university.

Not only that there are teenagers only who are making mistakes but also the parents are to be blamed, because they want to earn more and more money to meet up to the high society life and maintain a position there. So going to night parties and clubs are main concern for them. They don’t even have time to pay attention to their children, or see if their children are spending a lot of money beyond reasonable limits. They don’t even notice the change in their children’s behavior.

At the end, teenager alcoholism is very dangerous and every parent should take care of their children in such a way if there is a change in their behavior, they should immediately find out root cause of the problem and find a solution, before the children go out of their hand. Teach them the importance of education and their future and tell them if they want to be respected in the society, then they ought to keep away from alcohol.

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