Learn about Disaster Recovery Preparation

Preparation is Key When it Comes to Disaster Recovery.
Upon hiring a professional answering service, you are putting your full trust in knowing that no matter what happens, the professional operators will be there to answer the calls and assist to the needs of your patients when you are unable to. That is the insurance a reliable call center will provide when it creates disaster recovery initiatives.

When you are selecting a medical call center to represent you during your off hours, weekends and vacations, it may be a good idea to inquire to see what kind of disaster recovery… Continue reading

The Importance of Advanced Technical Training

A Career Change With Technical Training.
For those seeking a career change, a new career or additional training in business office administration, medical billing and coding, PC repair and tech support, information technology or other business, health and PC career goals, a technical training school would be an ideal personal and business decision to make.

The word technical is basically the same as technological, industrial, practical and mechanical. This type of training is essential in today’s nation. Without proper industrial training, a person will find it very difficult to find work or to move up the corporate ladder at an… Continue reading

Explaining War to Teens

Teen Anger Management – How Can We Attach the Art of War to it – Sun Tzu Would Feel Proud
Teen anger management and Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” has a lot in common. The Art of War is a military strategy book that has not only survived the ravages of time but has also thrived. What is it about this book that has intrigued military minds for thousands of years. It’s simple approach to War and how to win them has been successfully put to the test time and time again. What does a much aged book have to… Continue reading