Environmentally Sound School Bags

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer it only means one thing, summer is coming to an end. And, it also means back to school. Yes, in just over two week’s time the children of New York will be packing their bags and returning to the classroom. Parents will be rejoicing and children crying out foul but, there’s one thing parents will be complaining about and it involves the back to school shopping. Luckily for parents this year there’s one trend that everyone wants and it doesn’t cost the earth. Its canvas bags! Yes, the canvas tote is back and everyone from celebrities to millionaires is using them.

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Returning to school is an expensive time of the year for parents. Not only are there school fees to pay but new uniforms to buy, new shoes to purchase, text books and stationary requirements and of course a new bag, because they threw-out the old one. But with the cost of living skyrocketing this year, parents will be looking for some cheaper alternatives.

A great way to save money is to swap from the traditional school bag to a canvas bag. Why, because for one thing they’re environmentally friendly. The environment is certainly the buzz word of the moment and for good reason. Our children constantly come home talking about the environment and now it’s rubbing off on us. Finally we’re changing our ways, even if its baby steps the main thing is we’re changing. More and more people are switching to canvas bags to do their shopping with. The canvas bag is way more durable product than plastic bags and they great thing is they can be re-used over and over again. The life-span of a bag is normally between one and two years.

The other thing is canvas bags are the latest trend at the moment. It only took some celebrities like Lindsay Lohan to be spotted with the bags and now everyone wants one. Your children may already own a couple of bags. Other tends involve canvas bags being personalized with paintings and slogans being add to them. So as we all rush to get everything organized before the school year begins, at least we know the one thing that all kids want this year won’t cost the earth. Thank god for canvas bags, that’s all I’ll say!

James is a resident of New York and he’s not looking forward to the children going back to school, because it will mean his train trip in the morning will be even more hectic! But I am a big supporter of canvas bags I wish they introduce a bag tax similar to what San Francisco has. James recommends the full range of canvas bags at R.A.G. New York, they have an excellent selection to choose from.

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