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Thoughts on Discipline   

Dr. Art Paschal




1.  The goal of any discipline plan is to change behavior, not to punish . . . resolve the problem without making it worse.

2.  The problem should be resolved as close to its original source as possible.

3.  Any problem sent to the office becomes the property of the office.

4.  Situations will not always be handled appropriately . . .recognize what went wrong and handle it differently next time.

5.  Be aware of the subliminal messages you send to students.

6.  There are some situations teachers should attempt to resolve and there are some that they shouldn't.

7.  If you cannot enforce your rules and regulations in a consistent manner, you're almost better off not enforcing           them at all.

8.  Do not rely on other teacher's opinion of students.

9.  Never play "Gotcha" with a student.

10.Talk to your students.


Dr. Art Paschal is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and the Principal at West Montgomery High School, Mt. Gilead, NC


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