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Rebecca Carpenter, Rebecca of Many Trades (www.rebeccaworks.com) and (www.counselgiver.com) 

Rebecca Carpenter is owner of  Rebecca of Many Trades and Counsel Giver.  She lives and works in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, where she settled after graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Rebecca worked for a number of years doing clerical and administrative assistant work for local churches.  In 1999 she began Rebecca of Many Trades to combine her various interests. 

The online home of Rebecca of Many Trades is Rebeccaworks.  Rebecca of Many Trades is a small business with several established categories in the fields of handcrafts and business services. In handcrafts, items offered are custom crochet of such items as baby blankets, handbags, and initial pillows. Rebecca also makes  ornaments, and other fine handcrafts. Rebecca will be happy to help you with business services that include word processing, proofreading, online research, holiday greetings, and other small projects.

Counsel Giver was begun by Rebecca in the spring of 2001 as a means to offer common sense based advice on a variety of life topics.  This is available through essays on the site, through pamphlets, and through private advice by e-mail.   Rebecca's thought is that many times what people really need most is to be understood, and to have their situations considered by someone with a different vision.  She hopes to help people understand the circumstances in which they find themselves.

In addition to the crafts work noted on the Rebeccaworks site, Rebecca also enjoys other forms of needlework, music, writing, and reading.  She is also enjoying learning and working with HTML.



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