Five Things Your Teen Will Appreciate 


Attitudes, disrespect, inappropriate behavior, lack of motivation...well, you know what I'm talking about. Let's face it. There is nothing easy about being 12, 14 or 16 years old. The growth and changes kids face during the teen years are tremendous, and not surprisingly, any parent confronted by these changes is usually at their wits end--very quickly. But contrary to what they feel, parents have more control than they think.  Here are five positive things you can do that your teenager will (believe it or not) appreciate.

1) Stop and listen - all children want their parents to listen to them, but teens especially need this from their parents. Sit yourself down and let your kids talk to you. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they adjust their attitude.

2) Do something with them - yes you! Effective parents do things with their kids. Pick activities that your teen would like to do, perhaps shopping, attend a sports activity, or a trip to the zoo. These are just ideas, but really, any thing healthy your child would like to do will bring them closer to you.

3) Stay in control--when they aren't - when kids are disrespectful or inappropriately behaved, that is not the time to join them. Stay calm and keep yourself in control no matter what. Your kids will really appreciate this one.

4) Set boundaries and limits - teens really don't mind being corrected when they are wrong. It shows them that you care. Provide consequences that are appropriate for their inappropriate behavior. Setting curfew times and/or TV, computer, or phone usage limits can actually help kids have more quiet down time in their lives--which all kids need.

5) Find ways to say "I love you." - kids need to hear this from you, and don't assume otherwise. Say it to them and then set out to find other ways to show it to them. Show your love...tell them and love them no matter what. There isn't a teen alive that doesn't want to be loved by their parents.

Being a teen is not easy. Being a good parent isn't always easy either. Stay focused on providing your teen with quality time, your attention, and your heart. 


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