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“Health is not just a right, it is an economic resource that should be nurtured. Healthy people are not  only more productive, they also make fewer demands upon the health and social care systems. As such, Investment for Health is not a cost, but rather an investment in economic and social prosperity.”   


                                                                                   -- World Health Organization’s Verona Initiative





 “Decimation means the killing every tenth person in a population, and in the spring and early summer of 1994  a program of massacres decimated the Republic of Rwanda. Although the killing was low-tech - performed largely by machete - it was carried out at a dazzling speed: of an original population of about seven and a half million, at least eight hundred thousand people were killed in just a hundred days. Rwandans often speak of a million deaths, and they may be right. The dead of Rwanda accumulated at nearly three times the rate of Jewish dead during the Holocaust. It was the most efficient mass killing since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” - Philip Gourevitch




At least 120,000 Rwandans are imprisoned in Rwanda awaiting trial on charges connected with the genocide.




We are on the verge of a historical moment - rebuilding the country that has survived one of the most brutal genocides ever witnessed - Rwanda. And we are going to do so with healthcare and sustainable medical sciences.


We consider this to be an monumental opportunity to collaborate with the Government of Rwanda in a project that can have an immense impact, for generations. I have had the honor and opportunity to have met with the former Ambassador of Rwanda to the US, and now Chief of Staff to the President of Rwanda and discussed the issues and potentials. I am now making final arrangement to go on site to Kigali, Rwanda in May.


As a result of our discussions we will gather a faculty of multidisciplinary medical specialists. The goal is to develop an innovative and sustainable National Hospital (King Faycal Hospital) in Kigali with the help of international medical professionals who will not only provide services, but also train, mentor, and model their skills and expertise. This can then evolve into an International Grand Rounds of specialists at the Hospital collaborating and presenting together with members of their Medical Staff. This training would be transitional. Simultaneously, we can work with the Hospital to develop into a recognized Center of Medical Excellence. All of which enhance the quality of services provided to patients, act to draw talented professionals to make their careers there, and gain exposure as an international showcase for the project.


We are additionally developing a model to work with the administrative and clinical leadership and staff to enhance the performance of King Faycal Hospital through analytical skills and strong facilitative capabilities ultimately enabling King Faycal leadership to make sound business decisions and implement each with strong support.  


What You Can Do:


1) Support for travels costs and expenses. Contributions are tax deductible and can be made to:



c/o Dr. Chris E. Stout

Global Health Works Initiative

22,918 N. Woodcrest Lane

Kildeer, IL 60047-7844 USA


2) Hospital administration specialists (especially someone who could spend one year on site in Kigali). Please send a CV to Dr. Stout via email or at the above address if you are interested.


3) Many medical specialties are already covered, but there is likely always room for more. Schedules can vary, but preference is for 6 - 12 months (a modest stipend may be possible for stays of this duration). Of course, we may also be able to accommodate 2 week periods. Let me know if you are interested.


What Schools and Businesses Can Do:


4) Any new or gently used (non-violent) toys or school/art supplies for the Pediatric Unit would be great. Please drop off to me at the address noted above.


Thanks! - CES


Health is noted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25, which states: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and his family.”


Biographical Note: Chris E. Stout, PsyD, MBA 

Dr. Chris E. Stout is a licensed clinical psychologist and in his joint governmental and academic appointment in the Northwestern University Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, he also serves as Illinois’ first Chief of Psychological Services for the Department of Human Services/Office of Mental Health. As such he is the highest ranking psychologist in the State of Illinois and is a committed reformer of psychology within the governmental setting. He is also Visiting Professor at Department of Health Systems Management at Rush University Medical School. He served as an NGO Special Projects Representative to the United Nations. He served as an advisor to The White House under both parties. He holds the distinction of being one of only 100 world-wide leaders appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow 2000.

Dr. Stout has published or presented numerous and 29 books/manuals on various topics in psychology. His works have been translated into 5 languages. Most recently he was Editor-in-Chief of the four volume set, The Psychology of Terrorism. He has lectured across the nation and internationally in 16 countries, visited 6 continents and 54 nations. He was appointed as a Special (Citizen) Ambassador and Delegation Leader to South Africa by the Eisenhower Foundation. He was also elected President of the Illinois Psychological Association, he serves as the Federal Advocacy Coordinator and lobbyist for APA. His philanthropic activities include going on international missions with the Flying Doctors of America to Viet Nam and Peru, War Child in Russia, working with HeadStart, Amnesty International, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and he is a Peace Fellow with Witness for Peace. He is developing a kindergarten for AIDS orphaned children in Tanzania. He also was a delegate at the State of the World Forum in Belfast. He is a signatory to the UN’s 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He is the inventor of the “52 Ways to Change the World” card deck. He is listed in Fast Co.’s Global Fast 50 nominees and in Richard Saul Wurman’s “1000: The Most Creative Individuals in America.” Dr. Stout was awarded “Distinguished Alumni of the Year from Purdue University,” Federal Advocacy awards from AAP in 1997 and APA in 1998, APA’s Heiser Award (1999), and IPA’s Distinguished Psychologist of the Year in addition to over 30 other post-doctoral awards. He also produced award winning PSAs. He was noted as being “one of he most frequently cited psychologists in the scientific literature” in a study by Hartwick College. Dr. Stout has been inducted into the National Academy of Practice a Distinguished Practitioner. He was an American Delegate and presenter at the 1st International Conference on Unconventional Computing. A unique and distinct honor was his being awarded one of ten Volunteer’s of the Year by Pioneer Press in 1999, for his global efforts, and both the Senate and House similarly recognized his work by proclamation of “Dr. Chris E. Stout Week.”

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