Count Stars, Count To Ten, Count Them In  

What are little boys made of? 

Snips and snails, 

And puppy dog tails, 

That's what little boys are made of.

What can we do to better the lives of our children?


get serious

play more 

argue less 

collaborate better

expect their best 

be our best

model goodness

model fairness

set high standards

improve them

improve their well-being

improve ourselves

be interested

be interested in them

read more

read more to them

read more with them

ask questions

let them talk

talk to them

talk with them


teach them to listen 

offer kindness

show respect

help them reach

reach with them

help them find

find with them

find time

make time

give time

give hope

be hopeful

teach truth

teach kindness

teach tolerance

teach patience

be each of these

expect each of these

tell them why

give them reasons

give them answers

answer their questions

question their answers

teach them right

teach them wrong

show them how

show them why

acknowledge their gifts 

their needs

 their desires

 their wishes

let them dream

dream with them

look at clouds

look at rocks

look at life

study wonders

count stars

count to ten

count them in

count on them

count our blessings

help them count theirs


share your wisdom

share your fears

show them compassion

show them understanding

show them faith

show them love

show them the future

show them the way



A Father's Day tribute to Rick, his daughters, and the little boys Chris and Zach.


  Copyright 2002 by Bettina Grahek. All rights reserved.