Twenty-Two Services Available in the Regular Classroom for Section 504 Eligible Students


Section 504 entitles students to a wide range of services -- provisions of regular OR special education AND related aids and services [34 C.F.R. 104.33(b)(1)].

That 1991 USDOE "Joint Policy Memorandum" suggests, as an example, twenty-two services that must be available in regular classrooms for Section 504 eligible students. The services are in a two paragraph list of options in the Memorandum, which we have broken out and listed separately:

"(a) Providing a structured learning environment.

(b) Repeating and simplifying instructions about in-class assignments.

(c) Repeating and simplifying instructions about homework assignments.

(d) Supplementing verbal instructions with visual instructions.

(e) Using behavioral management techniques.

(g) Modifying test delivery.

(h) Using tape recorders.

(i) Computer aided instruction.

(j) Other audio-visual equipment.

(k) Selecting modified textbooks.

(l) Selecting modified workbooks.

(m) Tailoring homework assignments.

(n) Consultation with special education.

(o) Reducing class size.

(p) Use of one-on-one tutorials.

(q) Use of classroom aides.

(r) Use of classroom note takers.

(s) Involvement of a services coordinator to oversee implementation of special programs and services

(t) Possible modification of nonacademic time such as lunchroom.

(u) Possible modification of nonacademic time such as recess.

(v) Possible modification of nonacademic time such as physical education."

The Memorandum makes clear that this list is not exclusive. There are obviously other examples of services that would have to be made available under Section 504.


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